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To the members of Tomball Methodist and those who want to learn more about the current struggles in the UMC. Below you will find links to resources that will give you information to use in Discernment and we seek to follow God’s will for our future mission and ministry. Some of the items here are informational only…without any perspective on whether to remain in the United Methodist Church or leave to be independent or to join the Global Methodist Church (GMC) or another Wesleyan denomination. Some, however, have been prepared from the perspective of persons advocating remaining in the UMC or Leaving to join the GMC. Included with each item that comes from one perspective or the other will be either (UMC) or (GMC). It is critically important for us all to learn as much as we can, read and view presentations that come from both sides, no matter which one we might lean towards at this time, but to understand that everyone reports things that are colored by their own perspectives. From time to time new items will be added, so please check back often!

Church Conference
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Cottage Meetings
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We are holding a series of small group “Cottage Meetings” during which we can better answer individual questions and hear each other’s hearts and concerns. These meetings are scheduled for 1 ½ hour and will be limited to about 20 people each. If we need more meetings, we will schedule more. If you would like to attend one of these meetings, please register and the Host/Address information will be emailed to you separately. To register, click here.

Resources & Links
  • – this is the resource page for the Texas Annual Conference – helpful info links on the right. See in particular the frequently asked questions.
  • – The website for the Global Methodist Church. Click on Resources and look at the “Transitional Book of Doctrines and Disciplines” and on the About button for “Our Beliefs and Governance” and “FAQ”.
  • Have a question for Pastor Bill or the Board of Stewards? Email – Questions will be answered weekly in a Prayer/Q & A newsletter. If you do not receive email updates from Pastor Bill, please contact the church office to be added to the list!
  • The Tomball UMC Board of Stewards has adopted a timeline to follow so that our congregation can have time to pray, study, learn and engage lovingly with one another in a variety of meeting opportunities. Our task is to seek discernment of God’s will for us as we look at our future mission and ministry together. If you would like to view the timeline, click here.
  • Reasons to Stay and Reasons to Go – two blog posts from Phil Chilcote and Jan Therrell about whether to stay in the UMC or go to the GMC. To read click here.
  • Videos supporting Staying in the UMC
    1. Adam Hamilton: “Why we (Church of the Resurrection UMC) are staying in the UMC” –
    2. Adam Hamilton and John Stephens: “Diverse and Still United” –
      A very long video…1 hr, 45 minutes. But breaks down like this:

Adam Hamilton: 6:45 – 37:25
John Stephens: 39:05 – 1:09:16
Q and A: 1:09:46 – 1:44:16

  • Videos supporting Leaving the UMC and joining the GMC
    1. Rob Renfro – “The United Methodist Church is Dividing and Divided” –
    2. Rob Renfro – “Our Differences Regarding the Bible” –
    3. Rob Renfro – “Our Differences Regarding Jesus” –
    4. Rob Renfro – “Our Differences Regarding Sexuality” –
    5. Rob Renfro – “Why It’s Time for Traditionalists to Leave” –
    6. Rob Renfro – “Where Should We Go” –
  • “Two Future Methodisms” is a chart that lists some of the differences between the GMC and the UMC. The resource is from the GMC and has been updated as of July 2022. To read click here.
  • “That We May Be One” is a brochure packet give out at the last Annual Conference about remaining in the UMC. It is a UMC resource. To read click here.
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