KidsMin Volunteer


KidsMin Helping Hands

Volunteers needed for KidsMin Sunday and Wednesday activities.  Use CCB to register to help bless these kids.  You surely will be blessed in return

Nursery Staff Needed

Looking to hire, ASAP, a few part time nursery workers.  Please contact Lisa Solomon for more information

TMC Stellar Crew….

Call all awesome TMC Stellar Crew for set design and construction on Wednesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm and ending when the sets are completed.

You can even sigh up to volunteer for Adventure Week at the same time!

UM Army 2023

Participants eat, sleep, enjoy fellowship and worship at host locations. They are divided into work teams of four to six youth with adult support for the week’s work.  U.M. ARMY requires that church groups bring 2 adults for every 5 youth. Preparation, safety and teamwork are priorities for all participants.

U.M. ARMY youth and adults work together on small construction projects such as porches, stairs and handicap access ramps. Teams also do a variety of home maintenance such as  handrails, yard work, painting, repair of leaky roofs, windows and doors. Clients are referred through local social service agencies,  and church organizations. Jobs are selected and completed based on greatest need.

Star Quest Volunteers

You do not need to be musically or theatrically talented to volunteer for this fun week! We are also looking for help with set design, games leader, craft leader (prop construction) music leader and stage hands as well, so if you have any experience in theatre/music we would love to have you as well.  Join us!!

Community Service Hours Opportunity

Looking for School Community Service hours  for your school? We can help you with that by volunteering at any of our events that will be happening here at the church though out the year.

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